Ares Kalandides on rebuilding the country’s reputation

Interview with Ares Kalandides to Nikolas Nenedakis Ares Kalandides is a Berlin-based urban planner and consultant in place branding. He is the founder and CEO of INPOLIS a Place Management & Spatial Planning consultancy that offers services to cities, neighbourhoods and regions. He has been a consultant toBerlin Partner (the city’s marketing organization) since…

The citizens of Chalkidiki against gold mining!

A Call For Action How would you feel if you suddenly saw your own community described in haunting precision, although the case at hand has nothing to do with you – or has it? This recently happened to us, while reading an article by two Canadian judges at the People’s…

Future Suspended

How does a global financial crisis permeate the spaces of the everyday in a city? Our final 35' documentary film traces the multiple transformations of crisis-ridden Athenian public space and those who traverse it.


The title of this documentary could be TOMORROW'S WAR, TODAY. We have five destinations in Greece: Thessaloniki, Apopigadi, Eastern Chalkidiki, Asopos river and Volos. The war on water is not a future probability, but it's a reality familiar to some of our fellow citizens for many years now.