Nanos Valaoritis: This is only the beginning

Νanos Valaoritis
All of Europe speaks of us today. With this, is the already anticipated arrival of threats fromGermany.Bildhasfocused on the fact that Golden Dawn entered parliament once again, and this seems rather suspect to me.
On the other hand, the international press runs rampant with grandiose headlines: ‘Victory of SYRIZA- Horror for the Euro’.

This is only the beginning; I fear that soon we will be bombarded withsimilar messages. We should prepare ourselves so that we will be able to respond. I myself have already written lots of polemical articles against Germany, but if they keep on the same tune, I will write even more.

From France I receive congratulatory messages. I will reply by saying that I congratulate them too, for what has happened in Greece will eventually help France as well, together with most of the countries in Europe.
Translated by George Kazantzidis
  • Translated by: N/A
  • The original text was first published on: The original first published in Greek on the newspaper "I Avgi", 26.1.2015