Protest against censorhip

Υesterday (29/01/2016), a protest was organised outside the main building of the Greek National Theatre, against the decision taken by NT leadership to stop the performance of a play titled "The Nash Equilibrium", only four days before the end of its run. The experimental play was in part based on texts written by convicted terrorist Savvas Xiros, member of the November 17 terrorist group, now imprisoned. A backlash, led by self proclaimed "liberals", including Os Edo, an NGO for victims of terrorism, led by Ms. Alexia Bacoyiannis, followed as soon as this fact became more widely known. This was echoed in the stance of the American Embassy in Athens, who made its discontent known to NT leadership, thereby leading to the cancellation of all subsequent performances of the play, against the wishes of the NT governing board, the union of NT workers, and many artists and concerned friends of the arts.
Photo: Stelios Stephanou/Eurokinissi (Source: