Our government wants to be the voice of the people…

Sunday, February, 8,  2015
.  Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras,  in Parliament, on the government’s policy statements: “We proudly declare  that what we will not negotiate is the history and the dignity of our people. Our government wants to be the voice of the people, to express the people's will. We wish to be every word in our constitution. We took an oath on the Greek constitution and we will honor it to the fullest extent.”
Our government's slogan is: Democracy everywhere. Austerity did not just impoverish our people but it deprived them from the right to decide. The new government brings a new understanding of the role of the welfare state. We prioritize its support  and  enlargement. A new social contract with Europe is necessary not only to save society but also to stop deflation and economic recession.