​Nature brings the “Evros Fence” down

The “Evros Fence” reflects the migration policies of the pro-memorandum governments: repression, repression, and repression. Erected on the Greek-Turkish border by the river Evros it aimed to prevent migrant movement and was hailed by both the PASOK government of George Papandreou and the Memorandum government of Antonis Samaras. It is no accident that Antonis Samaras launched his recent electoral campaign standing proudly by this barrier. Anti-racist initiatives, immigrant communities and Left-wing organizations have persistently argued against the Evros Fence: a barrier that diverts migrant flows to dangerous crossings and is responsible for numerous deaths and human misery.
On Monday February 2, 2015 Evros overflowed due to heavy rain.
The Evros Fence couldn't stand the rushing waters and was finally swept away by, one is tempted to say, the punishing force of Nature.