Enrique Flores meets with AnalyzeGreece!

Enrique Flores meet with AnalyzeGreece! in Athens
Enrique Flores, the famous cartoonist from Puerta del Sol and the Spanish Indignados (15M) movement has been in Athens for the past few days. He is here with Doris Gutiérrez and Isabel Cadenas on behalf of ''Diagonal'', a grassroots newspaper based in Madrid publishing information on the debt crisis in Spain and the global response to it.

Enrique has been meeting with activists, members of the movement and executives of the Left, and he never stops sketching and taking notes. ΑnalyzeGreece! met with Enrique Flores at the office of Enthemata in Exarchia. We talked about Podemos and Syriza, the Greek Left, the movements of the squares in Greece and Spain.

This is Enrique Flores' sketch from the meeting with AnalyzeGreece!'s Manos Avgeridis, Dimosthenis Papadatos-Anagnostopoulos and Stratis Bournazos.